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Anna is a chatbot designed to pass the Turing Test - having a human judge incapable of telling that the bot they are chatting to is not human. The most formalized Turing Test is the Loebner Prize contest, which Anna finished seventh in 2002. Anna is a fork of ALICE, which won the competition in 2000 and 2001. Alice is designed to be a general web-bot, however, whereas Anna is really more of a general conversationalist bot, but tailored to the competition. Anna is written in a special, easy-to-learn interpreted language, called AIML.

Under New Management

The project has passed to the aegis of Zheng Xu, who will be responsible for the 2003 competition in England. Please direct all questions to him at darkhawk_2000 at hotmail dot com.

Why should you help?

1. All proceeds donated to charity
2. Low barrier for entry means anyone with 20 minutes and a willingness to learn can join the project.
3. Its fun and relaxing.
4. Development is goal-oriented.
5. Its a great exploration of Artificial Intelligence.